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Ahh, Jill……where to start. Her ancestors are outlined in another section of this web site so I will just include that in 2006 John bred his Oxford bitch Allie (Ch. Oxfords Thats All She Wrote) to Bongo (Am/Can Ch. Counterpoint Jungle Drums, FCH) and had a litter of 4 solid red brindle pups. He asked me to evaluate them in Sept and I was drawn to one of the girls that John called Jill. This litter was conceived during the running of the Kentucky Derby so all the pups had names that were Kentucky Derby winners.  They were still only 8 weeks so I agreed to meet them in a couple weeks to evaluate them again. Once again I chose Jill so later that day, Jill and I made our way home to meet our other 2 whippets- her uncle and her paternal great- grandmother and our kennel of collies! Jill’s registered name is Counterpoint Genuine Risk but little did anyone know just what kind of show career she would have and that she would become as famous as her Thoroughbred Kentucky Derby winning namesake.

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Jill’s first show was at the age of 7 1/2 months. She was WB for 2 points the first day, RWB the second day and BB over Specials, GROUP 1 and BEST PUPPY IN SHOW on the third day! What a debut! Her BB over Specials, group 1/Puppy Group were under Mr Paul Stanton of Sweden and her BPIS was under Dr. Adolfo Spector of Argentina. At her next show a month later she won a group 1, group 3, 3 BPIG and 2 Best Puppy in Show!!!! Her second BPIS and the group 1 were under judge Mr. Neil Graves and her third BPIS was under judge Ms. Terry Carter. We showed her a couple times a month from then on and by the time the Regional Specialty came around in July Jill had won 7 group 1’s, 4 group 2’s, 4 group 3’s, 2 group 4’s, 21 BPIG and 3 BPIS!! On the weekend of the Specialty, Jill won the Regional Specialty (under breeder judge Sue Badick), the Regional Sweeps (under breeder Carla Badick), 2 all-breed BB’s and a huge group 4 under Heather Logan.  In August Jill traveled to Winnipeg with my daughter Natasha to the National Specialty. There, under judge Goran Bodegard of Sweden, Jill won the National at the age of 13 1/2 months!!! What a thrill it was to get THAT phone call! We were now starting to wonder just what this little red girl could accomplish.

Below are Jills Best In Specialty wins!!!

In the next 6 months we showed Jill 10 more weekends and she finished 2007 with a total of 11 group 1’s, 12 group 2’s, 6 group 3’s, 9 group 4’s, 21 Puppy groups  and 3 BPIS. Jill was # 3 Whippet in Canada in 2007- her puppy year!

We decided to go for it in 2008 and to see what would happen. It was soon apparent that we had better hang on because it was going to be quite the ride! In March Jill won her first 2 back-to-back BIS under judges Tom Alexander and Walter Pinsker.  In April she won her 3rd and  4th BIS, also back-to-back under Mr Jim Fredericksen and breeder judge Dr. John Shelton, both from the US. In June, Jill got 2 Reserve BIS under Mr Martin Doherty and breeder judge Carman Haller. In August, Jill once again got back-to-back BIS, this time under a judge from Australia (Mr. Robert Bell) and Canadian judge Mr Mel Saranchuk.  Another BIS in August under Mr Paul Stanton of Sweden who was very happy to see her again, a little more grown up and a year older than when he first saw her. One more BIS in Sept under breed fancier Virginia Lyne ended 2008 with 8 BIS, 2 RBIS, 25 group 1’s, 9 group 2’s, 6 group 3’s and 3 group 4’s. Jill finished 2008 as # 2 Whippet, # 4 Hound and # 17 All-Breeds in Canada!!! Wow and she wasn’t even 3 yet!!! We also traveled to the American National in Eugene, OR where Jill placed 3rd in the HUGE Open class.

Below are Jill's 2008 Best In Shows - Thank You, to the judges who honored us with these wins!

Thank You to Jill's fans- your support was and is heartwarming!




We went for it again in 2009 with Jill now more mature and looking fine!! We did push pretty hard again this year but had way more fun! We went enough to win 5 more BIS, 3 RBIS, 34 group 1’s, 18 group 2’s. 7 group 3’s, 3 group 4’s, an AOM at the Regional Specialty and another NATIONAL BB!!   Only one other dog in Whippet history has won the Canadian National twice and it is Jill’s paternal great grandfather, BIS, MSBIS, NSBIS Am/Can Ch. Swiftsure Out of Africa, FCH (Gilly). And Jill was not yet 3 years old!! Out of her 5 BIS in 2009, 4 of them were under breeder judges or Hound Specialists. Before the National, the highlight in January was Jill winning the breed from the classes in Portland, OR under hound specialist Patti Widdick-Neal over 49 whippets for a 5 point major. After the National, the highlight of the year was winning a RBIS at the largest outdoor show in Canada (entry of 775) under breed fancier judge Virginia Lyne.  Some other highlights were winning back-to-back group 1’s on the National weekend under judges I had never shown to before, especially breeder/judge Shelley Hennessy of Ohio, winning a second BIS under breeder judge Sue Badick, a BIS under breeder judge Allan Pepper, a BIS under hound specialist Jan Buchanan and a RBIS under Paul Stanton of Sweden. Jill finished 2009 as # 1 Whippet and # 7 Hound in Canada!!! What a year, what a ride!

Below are Jill's 2009 Best In Show Wins - a huge Thank You to the Judges who have recognized Jills wonderful breed type!

2009 was another banner year!



Jill will be taking most of 2010 off from the all-breed ring and will be concentrating on Specialties in Canada and the US and also finish her American championship. She will also be bred this year to hopefully further contribute to this wonderful breed!